From dancey anthems to intimate ballads, indie pop jams to lo-fi grooves; Tobey Lynn’s music is the up and down soundtrack to your coming of age movie. As an 18 year old singer/songwriter based in the bay area, Tobey’s musical career began in her artistic family household, where writing and creating music came naturally. When Tobey started to write songs that touched on her experiences, her older brother, Jamin Reyes would provide the creative backboard to help manifest and produce the developing ideas she wanted to share. Within this line of production and artistry, the siblings were able to record her first two singles amidst her high school experience - BOY, which was recorded in 2018 in Jamin’s previous studio in New Mexico; and SUNFLOWERGIRL, the triumphant summer bop of 2019. Fast forward to 2020 senior year, the duo is set to release Tobey’s debut EP, party of one - a thoughtful, heartbroken yet vibrant 5 track EP that features anthemic tunes of young love’s disconnect, charming misfortunes, killed vibes, sunny dispositions and a whole lotta salt. Tobey Lynn’s career is truly just beginning.