The pursuit of Musicology

It is my intention to continuously pursue the application of musicology into all disciplines; the synthesis of music in art, education, business, history, culture and critical theory.

As a 90’s generation born Filipino-American living in the now information age of a high saturated noise culture where artistry, technology and its cultural exploitation are at an apex of accelerated study, I find the desire to cognize and disambiguate these forces of industry, white supremacy and genocide through my artistic manifestations and academic pursuits to enlighten the path forward within a contemporary Filipino-American musicology.

My goals are anti-imperialist at heart, revisionist in nature and retrofuturist in style.


Jamin is a Filipino-American musicologist, designer, producer, performer and broadcast personality currently based in Southern California. His studies in music and art have brought him through Ohlone, Duwamish, Tongva and the Taos Pueblo lands in various performances, community-based events and exhibitions.

His perspectives within musicology, critical theory and humanity can be seen in the reflections of his graphic designs, lyrical musings and interpersonal relationships with the artists, engineers, laborers and creators he's met along the way.

Other interests include cooking and eating all foods (except fruits), high fashion and drag, and working on his 99 DB7 B18B (non V-tec/auto) LS Integra <3